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Cairo Museum
West Bank
Abu Simbel
Temple of Aset

























































                           The next Egypt Tour will be July 18 - Aug. 1, 2015.
                                                    $3965 per person

                                                      6250 (2010) Kemet Nu Royal Family by Kara Essex         

                       Kemet Nu Egypt Tour 6244 2004)                                                  Brother and Sister Kwesi 6244 (2004)


                  Kemet Nu Egypt Tour 6237  (1997)                           Brother Kwesi leads the group on the Giza Plateau 6241 (2001)


       Brother Akhet compares himself to Horemakhet                  The Kemet Nu group explores the Giza Plateau


                  Brother Kwesi conducts field lecture for  Kemet Nu group  6245 (2005)


                                                                               Kemet Nu "Know Thyself" Tour 6240 (2000)


Ashra Kwesi lecturing to  group aabout the sites seen that day 6242 (2002)        


Merira Kwesi lectures for "Know Thyself" group 6244 (2004)


                                                                                 Kemet Nu Group 6245 (2005)

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